Dorrith de Roode is a designer from The Netherlands. She graduated from the Utrecht School of Arts and has worked as an independent and freelance designer since then. In the years preceding the art academy she followed a four-year training at the Technical School for Fashion and Clothing in The Hague.

During her eight year study, Dorrith followed internships at Walter van Beirendonck and Dirk Schönberger in Antwerp, was nominated for and won several awards including the Robijn Fashion Awards, BLVD Modeprijs and Kunstanjer.

The combination of the two studies; one technical study and one creative study, very much defined Dorrith as the designer she is today.
‘I am always looking for new shapes on a technical level. Concept, a unique cut and perfect finishing are very essential. From the conceptual phase to the very first drafts and storyboards, designing the fabrics, and the actual sewing of the product – everything is in my own hands and every step of the way is equally exciting and challenging.’

Dorrith shares a label called Les Soeurs Rouges with her designer sister Marlous de Roode. Fashion is in the genes with a grandfather, grandmother and mother who were and are active in the fashion industry. Dorrith and her sister Marlous decided to put the undiscovered family brand that fictional started in Grandma’s birth year 1920, on the map of fashion almost 100 years later. The themes of their collections often go back to the period in which our grandmother grew up, combined with the lost treasures of the city where they come from: The Hague.

Besides designing fashion, Dorrith was never really able to choose the creative road she wanted to travel, so she choose to do it all, designing and making fashion and accessories, illustrations, logo’s, graphics, concepts, styling and photography. And she is still open to discover new creative paths. In between all these activities, she works as a freelancer for Walter van Beirendonck, Viktor & Rolf and A.F. Vandevorst.

In addition to designing fashion, Dorrith enjoys sharing her knowledge with others and started in 2011 with teaching in making fashion at several locations. She teaches to both adults and children, beginners and advanced in Dutch, English and a little French. The international community in her city gives her lessons an international flair and besides teaching people how to sew and design, she enjoys bringing people together and tries to make them feel home and comfortable quickly after moving to The Hague.