Last week sisters Dorrith and Marlous started with a 30-day fundraising project to produce the collection of our designs. We would love to start a professional production line with the designs we made for the collections of souvenirs from a lost zoo from The Hague, called Le Parc Perdu. The collection exists of a 100% silk scarf and exotic leather bags with animal illustrations in nowadays art nouveau style.
Donations are welcome and you can pre-order your scarfs by donating 150 euro – shop prize of the scarf is 189,95 and it is a limited edition of 60 pieces, in 3 colour combinations and 20 pieces per colour.

The themes of their collections from Les Soeurs Rouges often go back to the period in which their grandmother grew up, combined with the lost treasures of the city where they come from: The Hague. History is their biggest source of inspiration. Besides the fact that they literally want to cross borders with their work, the love for history is also the reason why they have chosen a French name for their label: 200 years ago, French was spoken during the French regime in their residence.
In 1863 founded the “Royal Zoological Botanical Society of Acclamation” the Hague Zoo on. The Zoo, with the official name: Royal Zoological-Botanical Garden, opened with a large main building, different plant greenhouses and poultry and quadrupeds and is the inspiration for the collection Le Parc Perdu.
After the war the area remained known as “the Zoo”. In 1968 the remaining Zoo building was demolished and they build the new Province House and the building of Rijkswaterstaat.

Donating is already possible with the amount of 10 euros. With every euro we are pleased and grateful. However from 25 euros you get something in return, then you’re welcome to our presentation that we organise on Sunday the 13th of December. The higher the amount, the more you get in return. By donating 50 euros you will receive a necklace from Le Parc Perdu collection, at 100 euro a leather wallet with an illustration from Le Parc Perdu collection. By donating 150 euro’s you will receive a shawl worth 189,95. So basically you can get a shawl in the pre-sale for less than it will be later sold online and in the shops. Your order can be picked up on Sunday 13th of December, or in case you cannot be there, you can pick up it up another day or we will send your order later on.
In case we do not reach the 5000 euro, we get paid by the amount of 80%
By an amount than less than 80% of 5000 euro’s, you will get the money back from the organisation of Voordekunst and then the production of our accessories cannot start and there won’t be a colourful future for Les Soeurs Rouges.
The fundraising will run until October 31st