Les Soeurs Rouges won The Hague Fashion Award

For the 3rd year in a row, the The Hague Fashion awards took place and Dorrith de Roode and Marlous de Roode were happy to receive the award for best designer!

What happens when I cut here?

Sunday | December 21 | 12.00h-13.00h & 14.00h-15.00h
What happens when I cut here? | Workshop | Wintermarché
DIY t-shirt customizen in Christmas style |
All ages |
15 euro incl. t-shirt |
t-shirts available at the Les Soeurs Rouges stall
BINK36 | Binckhorstlaan 36 | C2 | 2516 BE | The Hague

Les Soeurs Rouges webshop is open

Proud and happy! Our Les Soeurs Rouges webshop is OPEN! Starting with a sale & new articles from Le Parc Perdu collection will be added soon.

Show Le Parc Perdu & Sale at Gemeentemuseum The Hague

“A touch of The Hague history mixed with a vivid imagination” The avant-garde fashion brand of the two sisters Marlous de Roode & Dorrith de Roode celebrates their 5th anniversary with a sneak preview of the new collection in the form of a show and sale of exclusive fashion and accessories in the Gemeentemuseum in the Hague during the ladies night.

FOTY Awards: Interview with week winner Dorrith de Roode

An interview with Dorrith, part of the prize she won as a week winner, is now published at the FOTY site

FOTY Awards: Blog ‘De schaar erin’

Dorrith’s debut as a writer is online in the form of her first blog, written for the FOTY site

FOTY Awards: Dorrith de Roode currently #1

Friday the 13th seemed to be everything except an unlucky day. Dorrith reached the #1 position in the freelancer of the year competition. But there are still 17 days in this year to go. If you want to keep Dorrith at the top-100 of freelancers, the please vote (‘stem’), retweet, share a link on Facebook, linkedin or google+ and tell why she needs to win! The dream company = the webshop and production of a new collection under the name Les Soeurs Rouges, the label from Dorrith and sister Marlous de Roode.

Den Haag Direct: Haagse modeontwerpster genomineerd voor FOTY awards

19-11-2013 Den Haag Direct

Dorrith de Roode nominated for FOTY award 2013. Vote and make her a winner!

Dorrith de Roode is nominated for the 2013 FOTY – Freelancer of the Year – award. Please help her win this competition by voting for her. Click the link and click ‘stem’. The first prize exists of 50.000 euro’s and the title ‘freelancer of the year’. With this amount of money, she will be able to make her dream come true. Set up the brand that already started with her fashion making grandma and her mother who owns all the couture diploma’s. The dream is a production of high fashion and accessories, designed by both Dorrith de Roode and sister Marlous de Roode, and sales through their own webshop.

Photoshoot at Westbroekpark

Today we collaborated again with talented Spanish photographer Francisco Reina and our lovely model Jamie Santpoort. We finished the project of Francisco where we started with in april this year, and we did a shoot with the designs we made for the poets of Poezie aan de Waterkant, location: a still very sunny and full of flowers decorated park in The Hague.

Poëzie aan de waterkant

Saturday the 31st of August the 13th edition of Poëzie aan de waterkant, a poetry festival, will take place at the Westbroekpark in The Hague. Both poets and we, fashion designers, have been inspired by ‘the Emperor’s new clothes’. Marlous and I designed fashion and accessorries for poets Mark Boog (in gold), Ester Naomi Perquin (in purple) and Lieke Marsman (in red).

Photoshoot with Spanish photographer Francisco Reina at the Escher Museum

Mondaymorning, 8 o’clock, the day all museums are closed, we are entering the former Palace and today’s Escher Museum to work on a photoshoot in collaboration with Spanish photographer Francisco Reina and model Jamie Santpoort. The photoshoot was a big succes, lovely location, friendly staff from the museum and a fantastic team to work with. The complete serie will be continued at another location soon…